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Welcome to Sidewinder Coffee - an independent neighborhood coffee shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Located in the urban community of Northside, we take pride in serving the finest in locally roasted fair trade & organic coffees. We offer a vast selection of espresso drinks, from true Italian espresso & cappuccino, to our more original, creative concoctions like our famous Mexican Latte. Our tea selection includes varieties of black, green, brown, white & herbals, served hot or iced. We also now feature an array of our own coffee & non-coffee cocktails. If you're hungry, try some of our tasty treats. We have an assortment of vegan & non-vegan baked goods, decadent cakes & cookies, bagels, croissants or our homemade tarragon chicken salad or dill tuna salad. Relax in our cozy back room or courtyard, peruse our rotating art exhibits, take advantage of our free WI-FI, or take your drink to go while you patronize the many other shops in the wonderful & unique neighborhood of Northside.

Open Daily - Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 10 pm / Sat-Sun 8 am - 10 pm.




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27 Sep

Rocky Fuller

I’ve titled this show “Anthropomorphia” because over the past four decades (Eek! I’m OLD!) of my career anthropomorphism has become a specialty of mine. To anthropomorphize is to apply human attributes to non- human beings or things. I’m not sure that this practice is necessarily complimentary to animals (or teapots for that matter!) as humans can be such a despicable species, but I just can’t help myself.

When I was a toddler I wanted to be a cat. I’d crawl around and meow, and purr in hope that if I mimicked their behaviors I’d metamophize into one of those amazing beasts. I even ate cat food, not the fancy gourmet stuff they get now, but nasty old “Puss in Boots” brand, fulla fish entrails. Drove my mom nuts. I stopped short of using the litter box. All our cats were looking at me funny anyway. Alas my wish for cathood never came to fruition. I guess I was practicing reverse anthropomorphism. I became a lifelong varmint lover and artist instead. Yay for opposable thumbs! A note on the art: All the pieces presented here are prints. Some are glicee, some not. My current technique is a combo of old school pencil/paper/markers and digital. The figures are hand drawn and scanned, then I use Photoshop for clean up and adding background color. Besides what’s hanging here, additional prints (framed or unframed are available) A note on the photography: I mostly use my photos for reference, but sometimes the composition is just right and they are arty in themselves. This is my first time offering them in a show As mentioned above I’ve spent most of my adult life as a commercial illustrator, working in advertising, animation and children’s publishing. These days I’m semi retired from all that so once again I can draw what I love. My art has always a non toxic form of escapism for me, but moreover a reminder to try to take in the beauty of the world. Even in these dark days we are living in, we have to look a little harder, but that beauty remains.


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