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Welcome to Sidewinder Coffee - an independent neighborhood coffee shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Located in the urban community of Northside, we take pride in serving the finest in locally roasted fair trade & organic coffees. We offer a vast selection of espresso drinks, from true Italian espresso & cappuccino, to our more original, creative concoctions like our famous Mexican Latte. Our tea selection includes varieties of black, green, brown, white & herbals, served hot or iced. We also now feature an array of our own coffee & non-coffee cocktails. If you're hungry, try some of our tasty treats. We have an assortment of vegan & non-vegan baked goods, decadent cakes & cookies, bagels, croissants or our homemade tarragon chicken salad or dill tuna salad. Relax in our cozy back room or courtyard, say 'hello' to our rabbit Patrick, peruse our rotating art exhibits, take advantage of our free WI-FI, or take your drink to go while you patronize the many other shops in the wonderful & unique neighborhood of Northside.

Open Daily - Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 10 pm / Sat-Sun 8 am - 10 pm.




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01 Feb

SANGRE DE DIOS / Holy Machines: Paintings by Patrick Zopff

Our February-March Art Exhibit features paintings by Patrick Zopff.  An Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, March 11th 6-9pm. "SANGRE DE DIOS (meaning “Blood of God”) is a body of work that I compiled in late 2015 when I took a painting class at Mount St Joseph University. It is mostly comprised of abstract compositional studies that were created to contemplate the nature of divine beauty. By eliminating representational imagery that so often characterises spiritual art, I sought to describe  my experiences of something supernatural or otherworldly through the relationships of lines and forms. In my work I seek to imitate the qualities of Iconic symbolism, and the power it commands over the emotions and the mind. I chose to utilize a monochromatic palette for these works, most of all to focus on the reserved, ascetic nature of my subject matter. I want my paintings to carry the weight of a crucifix or seal without the familiarity and cliché. SANGRE DE DIOS, as a show, is meant to bring the viewer to a reckoning within themselves about truth, perception, and empathy, while providing a visual experience that expresses the emotional sides of personal exploration, understanding, and acceptance. Each painting in the SANGRE DE DIOS show is done on either heavy paper or masonite board. Many of them were painted during long dark nights in my school’s painting studio, spontaneously and expressively. In order to get the kind of texture I desired, I would often mix things like ink, charcoal, sand, and ceramic stucco into my black paint. Some of the pieces include other lines in charcoal, pencil, and ink, to help emphasize key structures and attitudes. Holy Machines is a body of work I compiled in late 2016 and early 2017 to follow the abstract work in SANGRE DE DIOS. It highlights similar meditations on metaphysical and spiritual themes but heavily utilizes the aid of representational imagery. Some of the pieces in Holy Machines are in fact, collages, which use varied materials from discarded dictionaries and other reference texts. My vision for this body of work was to reach my audience in a way that conjures feelings about the divine or sacred without the consideration of especially familiar symbols. These pieces were created to stir the imagination with ideas about the supernatural, without giving the viewer obvious signs or instructions on how to put such ideas to concrete use."


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